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Dance themed team building

Dance themed team buildingDance themed team building events are enormous fun and an excellent way to get your employees being active together. Team building through dance can focus on a range of different elements from competition, collaboration and communication but most of all they are an excellent fun morale building exercise.

Dance based team building activities

You only have to watch TV these days and even if you don’t watch the shows there are lots of really popular Dance based TV shows on which is testament to how popular Dance has become throughout modern culture. There are a number of different types of dance based team building options we can offer, including:

Ballroom team Dancing

Strictly come dancing is now one of BBC’s most popular TV shows and ballroom dancing has taken on a whole new life and gained huge popularity across all ages. Team ballroom dancing is a great way you can take part in team building. This is an energetic and very enjoyable event and your teams will be able to choose from a range of dances to learn. Dances do not need to include partner work as we can use formation dancing to create a spectacular dance finale. There’s no picking faults in your dancing like on the TV show here as we’d much rather focus on the positives.

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Bollywood team dancing

Bollywood team building events will fill your room with colour and your teams with energy. Our Bollywood dancers will be dressed in traditional dress and will prepare your teams for a stunning team performance which they are sure to remember for a long time to come. This event can be very flexible as either a standalone event or as part of a multi activity team building event. Bollywood is suitable for just about everyone.


The Haka can work great as a short 30 minute event ort a longer 90 minute workshop.  Because of its easily customisable nature the Haka works well as part of a larger team building day perhaps combined with other Dance themed team building elements, drumming team building or perhaps animation.

The Haka is a story told through traditional Maori dance and your employees or delegates will learn something of the Maori culture through the event. There is no limit to the number of people to take part in a Haka team building exercise and there is little equipment to set up and break down  which means the event can take place in most venues.

Street Dance

Street Dancing is a highly flexible team building activity which can run as a short energiser to a longer session up to a half day. There are many different styles and types of Street dance we can offer and we can combine a number of dance workshops, or indeed other team building activities to make a varied team building day.


Thriller is one of the most popular albums of all time and the title track has become one of Michael Jackson’s most iconic tracks especially for its video.  In the thriller team building event your team members can become dancers singers or work on the costumes and make-up backstage which all comes together for an absolutely stunning dance finale.

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