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Frequently asked team building questions

One of our team building ideas being put into useThere are a number of questions you need to consider when organising or booking a team building event. There are also a number of questions we are asked very often and we wanted to make space to answer them all.

You need to ask yourself what you are hoping the group will get out of the event. If you don't know what the overall goal is you wont know if it has been a success or not. You also need to ask if the activity chosen is suitable to your group. There is no point organising a really physical event if half the group are unable to complete it. Team building events should ideally be tailoroed to the group and suit a range of different people. Team building should ideally be enjoyable as most people will generally get more out of it that way. Are you looking mostly to improve morale or something more? This can make a enormous difference on they type of event you are going to organise. Is the venue suitable for the event type you have chosen? We have nearly 20 years experience selecting the right venue for the right event. If you don't have a venue why not take advantage of our free venue finding service.

We understand organising an event can be daunting to a lot of people, why not give us a call on 0114 270 0330 and let us take thew stress out of it for you.

Frequently asked questions

So what is team building?

Team Building is a wide range of activities aimed at improving teamwork within teams, improving communication within teams and helping a team work better together.

This can be achieved utilising a number of team games and team activities. We utilise popular team theories such as Belbin to ensure our team building events are the most help they can be to helping your company achieve it's goals. Corporate team building is common in organisations who are building a team or going through a period of restructure or team development. we can also use them as an ice breaker for a newly formed team or an energiser for an existing team. Why not book with a company who have been innovating new ideas since 1994.Read more on What exactly is team building?You can also read a wide range of our Team Building related articles.

Why should we hold Team building sessions

Indoor team building  events are popular There are a number of key reasons why a company or organisation may want to conduct a team building event. These reasons could include; Improving communication and teamwork within a team, Boosting team morale, helping your team to get to know each other better, breaking the ice, helping to identify and utilise individual strengths within a team, improving team productivity and making the workplace a more enjoyable place to be. Utilising a well planned series of events you can gain some real benefit to how well your teams perform. More reasons for team building and the objectives you can achieve.

What are the minimum and maximum numbers for Team building?

We don't really have a minimum or a maximum number. We have run events for as few as five people and also for many hundreds of delegates. Although we don' change a price per person we do advise that for smaller numbers some events can be fairly expensive for small numbers as there is still a large amount of equiptment required for some events.

What Happens if it rains?

Generally we always provide waterproofs and gazebos for our events and where possible we will try and provide a wet weather option.

Are your activities covered by insurance and do you provide first aid cover?

yes all of our events are fully covered with up to £5 million public liability insurance and we always have at least 1 member of staff who is first aid trained. We also supply paramedics on hand for the more physical events.

Do we need to find a venue?

We can either come to a venue you have chosen or booked or we can help you find a suitable venue free of charge. We offer a Venue finding service for all of our events which utilises our database which we have built up and updated over the last 20 years.

Where can we run team building events?

We , Demon Wheelers, travel throughout the UK offering a wide range of Team building games, activities and events. We travel from our base in Sheffield which is ideally placed to access all areas of the country. As well as events close by our home base in cities such as Leeds, Manchester and Nottingham we are usually in London at least once a week and quite often on multiple occasions. It is quite common for us to have several events on in several locations on the same day. We have multiple sets of most of our equipment including several crystal domes so it is very possible we could be hosting a Crystal Collection team building event in London, Sheffield, Aberdeen, Manchester and Birmingham all on the same day. It's also very possible we may have event teams travelling from an event in London one day to anotehr in Sotuhampton or Brighton the next or from Manchester one day to Edinburgh or Glasgow the next and then onto Aberdeen or somewhere else on the third day. Take a look at just some of the event locations we can work in which cover the whole of UK and Europe too.

Why should you choose Demon wheelers?

Demon Wheelers have been running corporate team building and other events for over 15 years and we have a wide range of experience in running and creating new team building activities. In addition to arranging and organising corporate team building days directly for companies and organisations we also do a lot of work through some of the UK’s biggest team building events agencies. We have also wrote an artcile about the choice of organising an event yourself or using an outiside team building company.

Do you have an age limit?

We do not have an upper or lower age limit as we run team building events for children and we can tailor the activities included to suit the group taking part.

Do we have to be physically fit?

We can tailor the activities to the group taking part. Some of our events do require a little physical ability but we don't have anything which is overly strenuous apart from It's a knockout and School sports day.

Should we choose a full team building day or a half day?

A Stop the clocks eventTeam building days are ideal to get everyone away from the office for a day or half a day. It’s often a tough decision whether to have a full day or a half day event. A common compromise is a meeting or conference in a morning followed by lunch then a half day team building event. Team building days are popular for a range of reasons from a morale boosting day to increasing communication between your team or teams. You may just be looking for a fun filled day of friendly competition or be serious about wanting to do team building.

One of the first questions we usually ask is “What do you want to achieve from your day?" This is the most important thing with any event. You need to know what you are hoping to get out of the day so you know if it has been a success. For example if it’s just a morale boosting day then everyone to have a good time might be the main goal. If you are hoping to increase teamwork or communication it will have a different goal.

In some cases you may just want to give your staff the chance to take part in a range of activities which they may not have chance to do outside of work. For these types of events we offer a Multi activity day which can be tailored to your needs and to the requirements of the group. Visit our team building Activities page for more details on the specific team building activities we run.

If you have any further questions please call us on 0114 270 0330, fill in our contact us form or click the live chat link on the left side of this page.



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