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Football Crazy

Human table footballEvery two years the UK goes mad for the European championships or the World cup and football fever sweeps the nation. Football crazy is a football themed team building event which is ideal for those years.

Upon arrival the group would be split into teams by their event manager who would be dressed up like a referee. As it is a World Cup themed team building event each team must have a team captain, the captain will be chosen at random by the group. The team will then have 5 minutes to design a team logo that they must put onto a plain white t shirt using the tools that they have being provided with. The T-shirts will then be judged by the instructors and the referee and the best one will be rewarded with a football sticker. The aim of the game is to get as many stickers as possible.

What Happens Next?

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The teams would then move round the different games, some games may mean a head to head challenge with another team and some games may be individual team games where the teams have to complete a set challenge in a set amount of time. If the team completes the challenge or beats the opposing team then they will receive a football sticker. The teams will rotate round the different games so that each team has the same amount of games to complete.

How Do We Find Out Who Wins football crazy?

At the end of the day all the teams will come together to see who has collected the most football stickers. The top two teams will go head to head in the finale. The finale will consist of a penalty shootout, each sticker will be exchanged for a shot on goal. There will then be a large inflatable goal with a goalkeeper. The top two teams would then take it in turns to take the amount of shots that they have earned through the day. The team that scores the most goals will be crowned the champions.

Activities could include:-

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How can you book a Football themed team building event

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