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Breaking down barriers in an Icebreaker sessionIcebreakers or shorter team building events of up to two hours are popular with conferences and companies who would prefer to not have their staff out of the office for too long.

Icebreakers have a number of different purposes to them from helping create a positive atmosphere during or before an event to helping people relax and break down social barriers. Icebreakers can help energise and invigorate your delegates before a training session or conference. Icebreakers are structured activities which are designed to help them relax and be energised before taking part in other activities such as a training session or a conference. Ice breakers can also be sometimes used at a mid point of a conference after lunch to re-invigorate the delegates before the second round of presentations.

Shorter team building activities

We offer a range of shorter team building events which last up to around two hours and we can tailor events to the time you have available. A common cost saving option is to split your delegates into three groups and run three 2 hour sessions as only a third of your employees are away from their desks or job at any one time. Because this can be smaller numbers some companies have training rooms or space available to run these events at their offices. Shorter team building events also tie in really well with a conference or AGM and bring everyone together giving you a dual benefit of the conference day.

Choose your Icebreaker or short team building event

All of the activities below can be tailored to be run in under 2 hours. Some of these would be unsuitable for really short timeframes.

Animation team BuildingBattle of OlympusChain rection Commercial TeambreakDance themed Team buildingDen of DragonsDrumming Team buildingGPS or Tablet Treasure HuntsIndoor team Building eventsMasterpiece ChallengeMovie madness creative eventsSchool Sports daysStop the clocks fast paced team buildingWacky Wheels team building activityWeve got news for you

How can you book an Icebreaker?

If you would like to talk to about any of our icebreakers or short team building activities please give us a call on 0114 270 0330. If you would prefer us to call you insted please fill in the contact us form at the bottom of this page or you can click the live chat link on the left side of this page and talk to someone directly through this website. For more.


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