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Masterpiece Challenge

Painting a Picasso Masterpiece in the Masterpiece challenge from Demon WheelersThe Masterpiece Challenge is a fun filled indoor team building activity which will really get your creative juices flowing. Will your company uncover the next Picasso or the next Rembrandt?

This event on the surface has a very simple premise, to paint a picture as a group, but it’s not that simple. The picture is split into sections and each team within the group will be responsible for painting different sections of the picture.

The masterpiece challenge team building event requires teams to work closely together with other teams to create a finished masterpiece they can all be proud of. This, we’re sure you will agree, is something that crosses over into everyday business.

So how does the Masterpiece challenge work?

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When you arrive you will be split into separate teams and some of the team will be shown the large picture they will need to recreate. Each team will be given a number of sections to paint which will not be next to each other. Because only a few of the team see the picture it makes the team communicate.

Each team will nominate two members of their team to view the final picture to be able to paint their sections. And they will be allowed to view the final painting up to three times.

The painting you are working from will be hidden so you will have to paint from memory and you will only be allowed to view the painting a certain number of times. You will be allowed to “buy" an extra viewing of the painting by answering a riddle or completing a mini game. But beware the more time you spend doing this the less time you will have to be painting.

What will we gain from the Masterpiece challenge?

Literally this team building event shows you the vital importance of seeing the bigger picture. Each team needs to complete their own sections but make sure they work with the other adjoining teams to complete the finished work of art. This will help the participants realise that even though they may work in a small team they are part of a larger organisation. It will show everyone that for the finished Masterpiece to be worthy of Van Gogh or Picasso they have to work together and communicate.

As you will see it’s quite a challenge being the next Picasso.

A group infront of their finished Masterpiece on a Picasso Challenge from Demon Wheelers

Where can you take part in a Masterpiece challenge?

The short answer is anywhere in the UK. The longer answer is we can travel to just about any Location throughout the UK from the north of Scotland such as Aberdeen to the South west of England. We also travel from the south east of England and London, Throughout Wales and just about anywhere in between. From our base in Sheffield we are ideally placed to travel to most areas of the UK including destinations near such as Leeds, Nottingham and Manchester and further afield. Find out more about the locations we can offer events in.

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Masterpiece Challence photos

painting a Masterpiece on a Masterpiece challenge from Demon wheelers

Masterpiece Challence photos

A group painging a masterpiece on a Masterpiece challenge team building event from demon wheelers