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Mission Possible

mission possible team building gameYour mission should you choose to accept it!

The only problem is once you arrive you have no choice! Upon arrival the group will be given their brief on their mission for the day which will hopefully mean one team defuses the bomb before the time runs out. The group will be split into teams who will have to complete set tasks that will give them clues to crack the code which will stop the terrorist bomb.

Each team will receive their spy pack which will contain items they may or may not need to help them with their challenges through the day. Mission Possible is a great team building event which offers a wide range of activity types.

PLEASE NOTE: No Delegates will be exploded during the making of this team building activity

How does Mission possible work?

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The teams will make their way round the different activities to try and complete the set challenges made by the terrorists. If the team successfully completes their “mission" at each activity then they will be rewarded with their next GPS coordinates and a clue to defusing the bomb which is chained to their team member.

As the teams move around the activities they will also have some questions to answer which are related to the terrorists on site and must gain as much knowledge as they can through the day.

At the end of the day the teams will have to come together to use all the clues they have gained through the day to try and defuse the bombs which are attached to their team members. The first team to defuse the bomb on their team member will gain a bonus 100 points.

Challenges which your group will participate on will include such things as:-

  • Target Practice
  • Extreme Driver Training
  • Crossing the Minefield
  • Communication training
  • Bomb Defusal

Mission possible brings together a wide variety of different elements and teaches teams how to deal with situations where there are a range of different tasks which require different skill sets. You need to show a deal of flexibility to complete a mission possible successfully.

Because we are not an agency and we own 99% of all our equipment we can offer you a fantastic price without needing a middleman to add their percentage. We also offer a free venue finding service to help you find the perfect venue for your event from our extensive database which has been built since 1994.

It is possible to hold a Mission possible throughout the UK from our Base in Sheffield we are justa short trip to cities like Leeds, manchester Nottingham and Bimingham. We're also centrally located for all parts of the UK from Bristol to London and to Aberdeen and Scotland. Checkout more locations we can host events.

How can you book a Mission possible team building event?

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