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Movie Madness

Commercial teambreak team building eventIf you have ever fancied being Spielberg or Jolie for a day then here is your chance to do so. bring to you the latest in movie making fun. This fun team building event is based on participants having a fun day while recreating some famous movie scenes to link together to create one movie.

Guests will arrive at the movie making venue to be met by their host and split into teams then given a briefing as to how the day will run. Each team will receive a digital video camera, tripod, tape, props, make up, directors notes, camera notes, prop and make up notes, cast list and a film script.

Once the teams have been decided each team will have to assign a director, camera person, props department, wardrobe department, film star and extras.

There will be a number of scenes which need to be reproduced by the teams in their own unique style. All the scenes will be from the same film and will then be put together to produce an original version of a well known movie.

The directors and camera people from each team will be briefed by instructors on how long the film must last, when the film must be finished by and tips on noise control and lighting.

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This event will push people to work together as a team and encourage communication between everybody on the day to ensure a smooth running seamless film for everybody to view at the end of the day. The whole event increases team motivation while creating a fun environment and enjoyable experience for everybody involved with an entertaining final presentation of everybody’s efforts through the day.

Why not combine this event with a glitzy and glamourousHollywood theme night where you can present the finished movies and present awards for the best film, best actor and actress and a range of other awards. Movie madness will inspire your teams creativity and improve their communication all the while thye are having a tremendous amount of fun.

Demon Wheelers are also able to provide optional extras with this event which include:-

Movie madness documentary – a professional videographer will film teams as the movies are made and key team members and performers will be interviewed. A fun and unique way of recording the days events that can also be used as a managerial resource.

Hollywood Night- Why let the fun stop? You can have an evening’s celebration of the day’s activities. Award outstanding achievers nominated by our staff with trophy awards. This can include a meal, disco, evening games etc. This can also work with themed nights such as James Bond evenings where the participants would recreate a Bond film during the day and a black tie evening ceremony and fun casino. This ties in really well with the premise of this creative team building event.

Where can we take part in Movie Madness events

We will travel throughout the UK from the north of Scotland and Aberdeen to London and the south coast of England such as Southampton and Brighton. We also travel throughout Wales and the south west of England and to locations closer to our base here in Sheffield such as Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham and Birmingham.

How can we book a Movie Madness event

If you would like to talk to us about how we can help your business achieve its potential with a Movie madness team building activity please give us a call on 0114 270 0330. An alternative is you can fill in our contact us form on this page or click the live chat link on the left side of this page and talk to us directly.


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