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Multi-event Days

COmmercial team break works great with Den of DragonsMulti event days are days where more than one event which with well and link in to each other are put together to make a full day of activities.

There are many reasons why a company might choose to hold a multi-event day. There are cost savings involved in combining two events at the same venue as you save venue costs from two events. You may want to hold two different team building events which link together but target different objectives. Another option is to combine a team building event with the annual company party whether this is at Christmas time or in the summer there are still benefits to this.

Multi-event team building days

One of the key reasons why you might want to combine more than one event in a team building day as it allows you to link together two events which focus on different elements and objectives. A common choice for many companies is conducting a focused and specific team building event in a morning session and something more relaxed and fun on the afternoon. There are many events which work well together and can link from one to the other.

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A really popular example of this is combining a Den of Dragons event in the morning and a Commercial teambreak in the afternoon. This event combination works well as teams design and pitch a new product in the moenting and then have to film a TV commercial for their new product in the afternoon. This event also works well when coupled with a Hollywood OScars awards evening at the end of the day too.

Combining Team building with other events

It’s not just two team building activities to make a full team building day which can work well. Many companies choose to either combine their annual party, whetehr that's at Christmas or another time of the year, with a team building event or link a team building event into their annual conference or company meetings.

How can you book a multi-event day?

If you would like to talk through all of your options for Multi-event days or any of our team building events please call us on 0114 270 0330 today. Alternatively you can fill in our contact us form at the bottom of this page and someone will contact you back. We also have a live chat option which is linked from the left side of the page.


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