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Objectives of Team Development

Collaborative team buildingThere are a number of different potential objectives when you are planning any corporate team building, team activitiesor games. These objectives help you determine the goals of the event and understand what you are wanting to get out of the event. From knowing your objevtives you can determine whether the event has been a success.

If you would like to talk to us, about your objectives we can help you plan the ideal event to meet YOUR objectives, call us on 0114 270 0330 for more details.

Some of the Key team building objectives might be:


A key element of any successful teams is how well the team collaborates together and how well it collaborates with other teams. Having teams who want to help each other to make the company succeed in its main goals can make a huge difference to how successful a company is. Collaborative based team building events help teach your teams the benefit of working together and not against each other. Read more about Collaboration as a objective.


A team which communicates well will achieve far more than one which doesn't. Because communication is so important to any team it’s often a key focus on many of our team events. Communication based activities are designed to help your team members make the most of their communication skills. Read more about Communication team exercises.

Change management

Change is necessary in every team on an almost continual basis. One of the worst phrases in any business is "Because we've always done it that way." We don't mean changing for changing’s sake but having the ability to make the most out of change and managing the change within teams so it becomes a benefit rather than a negative.

Problem solving

Like Change problems will always arise in any businesses and every team. However good your risk management is and your foresight to see problems before they arise there will always be some issues which need to be ironed out. Problem solving activities help teach how to react to problems in a calm manner and overcome them without them becoming far larger than they were.

Flexible thinking

The ability to be flexible is a vital skill within every team because there will always be new challenges and tasks arising which are not specifically part of anyone’s job description.  The ability to see the benefits in working another way and to try new ideas can be a huge boon for any business.

Morale building

No one wants to work in a team which has low morale however a team with high morale and a great working relationship can be seen as the place to be. A high general morale can help lower staff turnover and increase staff retention which will reduce your recruitment and trainings costs as a result.


A team which doesn’t trust each other will struggle to function beyond the most basic terms. Trusting your colleagues to hold up their end of the workload and trust from managers to complete a project without the need for micromanagement can greatly increase the efficiency of any team. Trust based activities.


The ability to see the bigger picture is the ability to see where a small project fits in to the larger goals of the company even where it isn’t always immediately apparent. Understanding where you fit in to the bigger organisational goals can help an employee see their worth to the company and their feeling of being valued.


Delegation is more common for team leaders and managers as they more often have the need to delegate tasks or projects to their team members and subordinates. The ability to delegate effectively can also become an important skill where a team member might head up and individual project with others reporting to them.

Lean Thinking

Not wasting resources is really important to every business and not just in tough economic times. A company which employs a lean thinking and reducing wastage policy will be in a better position to weather tough economic times. Lean thinking needs to be built in to the company ethos from top to bottom to be fully effective.

Conflict Resolution

In most teams sooner or later there will be some element of conflict and being able to resolve this amicably can enhance the performance of the team and have a positive effect on team morale. By resolving conflict quickly you also gain the benefit of not allowing problems to fester and become much larger than they initially were.

Team building ideas

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Who can you talk to about your team building objectives?

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