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Tablet Treasure Hunt team building activity

Tablet Treasure Hunts challengeTeams will go head to head on this team building challenge in a race against time to collect as many points as they possibly can. Powered by state of the art tablet technology using GPS signals the whole hunt can take place anywhere you like whether it be a city centre or a row of fields. The whole treasure hunt will be within a 1 square Kilometre area. With tasks that are bound to entertain and amuse the teams while they try and score as highly as they can this event is one that is always full of fun for everyone involved.

You and your group will be met by your Treasure Hunt leader who will explain the rules and regulations and explain how to use the Tablets and the tasks that you must complete. The tasks are very simple and will guide the teams to each location where they will then have a challenge to complete this can range from taking a team photo to answering a multiple choice question to singing into the Tablet. Each challenge will be worth points and some worth more than others.

Challenges can include full on team building activities with instructors on hand to explain the task to simple recreate a pose challenges. We have lots more challenge ideas too but we don't want to give the whole game away before the day itself.

Although the event is timed the winner though isn’t necessarily the quickest as there are points to pick up along the way!

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This event is great fun and ideal for a relaxing team building event that will be enjoyed by everyone involved. We provide everything you need to be able to complete the tasks. A meal can be provided for your party during the course of the day if required and if you have challenges to buy an item we cna provide teams with limited funds for the activity. We can also offer a GPS device style treasure hunt which instead of a Tablet the GPS device will guide you from challenge to challenge. We also offer driving based GPS treasure hunt challenges over a wider area.

This team building event adds a new dimension to the day which encourages team communication and group participation which can only be good for life back at the office!

Treasure hunts offer a number of possibilities for improving the varied facets of your teams from arranging team building challenges at each waypoint which teams much complete before continuing to learning how to read, follow and communicate instructions.

How can we book a Tablet treasure hunt?

If you would like to talk to us about how a Tablet treasure hunt and can help your team achieve its objectives call us today on 0114 270 0330. You can also fill in the contact form on this page and someone will get back to you or use the live chat link to talk to us directly from this page within office hours.


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