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Wacky Wheels Team Building Day

wacky wheels team buildingHere’s your chance to be Dick Dastardly and build your own Mean Machine with our Wacky Wheels team building. We can’t guarantee the high speeds of a Porsche, but there will certainly be some thrills and most probably a few spills!

Do you see yourself as the next Formula One hero, Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel maybe, then Wacky Wheels could be the event for you. Wacky Wheels works to improve many elements of succesful teams and will help your staff achieve their objectives. all while having a lot of fun.

So, how does Wacky Wheels work?

At the start of the event each team will be allocated a budget. Every team will have some initial tools and equipment but they must then use their bartering skills in the Parts Shop to purchase anything else that they may need. Teams must then build a human powered kart. The Parts Shop will have items available that will help you make decisions on propulsion, wheels, frame and most importantly for some items to make the vehicle aesthetically pleasing on the eye!

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Each wacky wheels team building event is a little bit different and you can never guess how it will progress. One thing is for certain we'll make sure you have a great time. Wacky Wheels is great for improving a teams communication and helps teach lean thinking. Teams will be required to work to a specific budget and not let their spending run away with itself and everyone will get to show their creative side in making their buggy the best looking. It's great fun too so will result in raised morale for your teams.

Before any driving of the kart takes place as with any vehicle these days, your kart will need an MOT certificate.  Our Kart Inspector will go round the vehicle making sure it is safe for the ensuing challenges. If your kart passes the test then your team will receive a MOT Certificate and be free to enter the challenges, if not then its back to the drawing board!

Wacky Wheels is a great fun event and one we travel all over the country to run. Our home base is in Sheffield, South yorkshire and from here we travel nationwide to run these and other team building events. Other popular destinations include London, Leeds, manchester, Scotland, Birmingham and the Midlands. Take a look at some of the locations we run events in the UK.

When do we race?

wacky wheels team buildOnce the teams have received their MOT Certificate is out to the race track to see which vehicle can complete the feats! The creations will then go head to head against each other in a number of different challenges.

The winners and runners up will receive cash prizes for each test which will then be added to their initial budget. There will also be separate prizes for the best design and most attractive kart.

The team with the most money at the end of the day will be the winners.

How can we book wacky wheels?

Call us now on 0114 270 0330 to see just exactly how Wacky wheels can benefit your work teams and improve your teams teamwork and performance. Alternatively full in the contact us form on this page or click the live chat link during office hours to speak to us directly.


Call us now on 0114 270 0330