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80s Theme Nights

Rubiks Cube

Your 80’s theme party guests will be greeted by our 80’s style door men to make sure they are dressed in the correct attire. Once your guests enter the 80’s club they will be transported back to the 1980’s with music from the era being played through the PA or by our DJ.

The 80’s theme night venue will be decorated with 1980’s style props including backlit silhouette panels depicting icons of the 80’s. Each panel will have a different icon from Michael Jackson to Madonna and from Adam Ant to Tina Turner.  There will be a giant Rubiks cube and a sign  with Frankie says relax on it.

The Classic 80’s tunes will be heard as you hit the dance floor and whether you loved or hated the music from this era you cannot deny it had an enormous influence on the music industry.  An 80’s themed evening will bring back all those memories from one of the decades that most people have fond memories of.

An Example 80's theme night package

We fully understand that planning a theme party can be expensive and knowing what to include can be difficult to decide. This is why we at Demon Wheelers have put together an example package and a list of optional extras for you. We can of course completely tailor your event  to suit your requirements and your chosen venue.

Every 80's theme night we do is different and the package above is just an example of what we could provide for you. We have a great range of props and accessories for your 80's theme party and we will tailor the evening to meet your requirements and your chosen venue. If you haven’t decided or found a venue we offer a free venue finding service for any event booked through us. Because we have been running events for nearly 20 years we have built up a large database of venues throughout the UK suitable for every event and size. So why not choose an 80's party theme for your next theme party.

Optional extras for your 80’s theme night

Want something more for your theme night?? Here are some added extras that can be included for an extra cost.

  • Giant 80's sign
  • I Love 80's Sign
  • 80's Disco Backdrop
  • 80's Costumes
  • Extra Cut Outs
  • Smoke Machine
  • Giant Cassesette Tape
  • Giant Ghetto Blaster
  • 80's Karaoke
  • 80's theme tribute acts
  • 80's Video games
  • Giant party games
  • 80's themed table centres and decorations
  • Casino Tables - Fun Casino night

As you can see every 80's theme party and theme night can be completely different and can be tailored to your requirements and the venue where the 80's themed night will be taking place. We own and make 95% of all our own props so we can offer you fantastic value for money on your 80's themed evening.

How can you book an 80's themed party?

Call us now on 0114 270 0330 to discuss your 80's Theme night or any of our other theme nights. Alternatively you can visit our Contact us page.


Call us now on 0114 270 0330