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Below The Sea Themed Nights

Giant Shark andBelow the sea themingHold your breath and prepare yourself. Our below the Sea themed nights are a doorway to a fantastic world so make a splash & explore the under the sea world.

Demon Wheelers latest Themed night is one of the most impressive yet! Our below the Sea themed nights are a fantastic night out that are different to everything else. Whether you are the Little Mermaid or Poseidon then this night is guaranteed to make a splash with you.

Upon arrival there will be guards at the door fully dressed in scuba gear so they are able to breath in the below water level conditions. Once inside the submerged haven then the whole room will be themed with underwater delights. Each guest will have an introductory drink of a blue lagoon cocktail before they are seated for their meal which may contain such underwater feasts as crab cakes, tuna steak or prawn cocktail. 
The whole venue will be themed to your under the sea requirements making everything seem below sea level. After dinner its time to let loose and everybody get on the dance floor to dance to the beyond the sea and other water related classic played by the band. Before its time to take a deep breath and return to your normal life above ground.

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Below the Sea themed evenings are truly outstanding. The theming takes your breath away and will keep you and your guests entertained throughout the night. Definitely a way to make a night one to rememeber! If you would like to talk to us or book this theme night please give us a call on 0114 270 0330 or fill in our contact us form and someone will call you back.

An example below the sea theme night package

At Demon Wheelers we understand that these events can be expensive, so we have have come up with an excellent example package that includes some great theming and fantastic entertainment. We can of course tailor the entire evening to your requirements. So why not sit back enjoy the night and relax while enjoying all of the below:-

  • Large Underwater Backdrop
  • Giant 3D Shark
  • Large Yellow Submarine Backdrop
  • Nintendo Wii with Sports Resort
  • Giant Starfish
  • Giant Anchor
  • Karaoke / DJ
  • Netting and Lobsters
  • Flames Seaweed Entrance

Below the sea theme night extras

Want something more for your Below the sea theme night? Here are some added extras that can be included for an extra cost.

Our Giant Shark PropAs you can see every Under the sea theme party and below the sea theme night from can be completely different and can be tailored to your requirements and the venue where the Under the sea themed night will be taking place. We own and make 95% of all our own props so we can offer you fantastic value for money on your Below the Sea themed evening.

How can you book a Below the sea theme party?

Call us now on 0114 270 0330  to discuss your Under the sea Theme night or any of our other theme nights. Alternatively you can visit our Contact us pageor you can click our live chat link on the left side of this page and talk to us directly through this page.


Call us now on 0114 270 0330