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Pirates Of The Caribbean Themed Nights

Pirates of the caribbean theme night

If Johnny Depp can look good dressed as a pirate then why cant you!

Your Pirates of the caribbean themed night venue will be themed by Demon Wheelers with Treasure Chests, Pirates and Skulls and Daggers to add an authentic Pirate feel to your evening. Each guest must come dressed as a pirate, a naval captain or a gentle lady or even a wench. Upon arrival at the pirate ship or venue you must walk the plank to gain entrance, once you have being checked for weapons by the Captains crew then you will be welcomed with strong rum to shiver your timbers.

Once everyone has being acquainted then it time to eat and settle for a moment. You could be served Black Beards Bangers and Mash or Long John Silvers Fish but no chips. As you are eating make sure you keep your eye on your jewels as no one in the room is to be trusted!

Once everybody has some food in their belly then it is time to take your booty to the gambling table and see if you can win enough to gold to buy your own treasure island!

Pirates of the Caribbean themed eveningsare hilarious nights where you can get to see your peers in a completely new light. Demon Wheelers will provide everything you need to make your event a success and guarantee that everyone has a lot more savvy by the end of the night!

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An Example Pirates of the Caribbean theme night package

At Demon wheelers we know that these themed  events can be expensive, so we have put together an excellent package that includes some great theming and fantastic entertainment, We will of course completely tailor the evening to your requirements but we wanted to show you what an example night might include. So why not sit back enjoy the night and relax while enjoying all of the below:-

  • 2 Silhouette Panels
  • 4 Pirate Character Cut Outs
  • Crate of Dynamite
  • 1 Casino Table
  • Parrots
  • Large Barrel of Rum
  • Nettings, Lobsters and Pots
  • 3 Palm Trees
  • Skull Coconut Shy
  • Pirate Entrance

Pirates of the Caribbean theme party optional extras

Do you want something more for your Pirates of the Caribbean theme night? Here are some added extras that can be included for an extra cost.

  • Extra Casino Tables - Fun Casino night
  • Hook the Key Game
  • Skull Hoopla
  • Table Theming
  • Extra Theming
  • Splat the Rat Game
  • Fake Sand
  • Treasure Chest
Johnny Depp Silhouette

As you can see every Pirates of the Caribbean theme party and theme night  demon Demon Wheelers can be completely different and can be tailored to your requirements and the venue where the Pirates of the Caribbean themed night will be taking place. At we own and make 95% of all our own props so we can offer you fantastic value for money on your Pirates of the Caribbean themed evening.

Call us now on 0114 270 0330 to discuss your Pirates of the Caribbean Theme night or any of our other theme nights.Alternatively you can visit our Contact us page.


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