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Superhero theme parties

Demon Wheelers staff dressed as Super heroesEven Superheroes need a night off on occasion and a Superhero themed party is a great opportunity to have fun and relax. Just make sure there are no Super Villains in the vicinity.

On your arrival to your Super Hero themed party you’ll enter the secret lair which is hosting this venue and you’ll see a big city skyline. As all the superheroes are having a night off we have two cops on the door to make sure no-one gets in who shouldn’t. After all we wouldn’t want any reporters catching wind of who your secret identity is would we.

We’ll be playing hits from various super hero films from the PA and around the room would a range of Superhero themed props and theming. Within this could be included silhouettes and a giant spider’s web there will be backlit silhouette panels and a superhero peep board as well as banners of well-known super heroes.

Why not call us today and let us make your next themed event, Super. Our telephone number is 0114 270 0330 or you can fill in our contact us form at the bottom of the page. You can also click the live chat link on the left side of the page.

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An Example Super Hero themed night package

We've put together an example package to give you an idea what a Superhero themed party could include. We will of course tailor the items included to your requirements, budget and your venue.

  • City Sky Line Backdrop
  • Wii with Wii Sports Resort
  • Giant Spiders Web
  • Super Human Strength Test Game
  • Giant Superman Cut Out
  • Toxic Waste Alley Game
  • Giant Spiderman Cut Out
  • PA System
  • Super Hero Peep Board

Optional extras for your Superhero themed party

As well as those items listed in the example package there are many more props and theming items you can include.

As you cna see the list of items for you to choose from for your Superhero themed night is quite considerate and we will tailor your night to meet your needs and your budget. We also have an in-house prop department which can make any prop you would like which is not listed here.

All of our themed party packages include:

  • Delivery & Installation of Theming
  • Staff to set up and run event
  • Bottle of Champagne for biggest winner of the Casino if you have casino tables
  • Full Health & Safety Documentation
  • £5 million Public Liability Insurance

How can you book a Superhero themed evening?

If you would like to book a Super hero themed party or any of our themed nights please call us today on 0114 270 0330 and talk to one of our team about your requirements. Alternatively you can fill in our contact us form at the bottom of this page or you can talk to us directly from this page by clicking the live chat link during office hours.

Superhero themed prop hire

Does your super hero party just need a few items to make it a little more super? You might not need a full themed package for your event. This is wh7y we offer our full range of Super hero themed props on our Superhero themed prop hire service.


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