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Willy Wonka theme parties

Lollipop propSample the delightful experience of a Willy Wonka themed party where you and your guests will have a truly magical time.

Everyone young or old has some memory of Willy Wonka and his chocolate factory whether its Gene Wilder’s portrayal, Johnny Depp’s modern version or even reading the much loved book from Roald Dahl. One of the most common memories are the vivid descriptions and images of fantastical sweets and with our giant sweet props and theming you’ll be made to feel like Charlie and the other children on their first visit to the factory. Our props and entertainment include things like a giant Golden ticket, giant sweets and a giant Wonka bar and can include items like a Chocolate fountain or Chocolate factory gates entranceway.

Whether you are looking to hire just a few themed props or a full Willy Wonka themed package we’re sure to be able to help and satisfy your crazing for a truly Sweet event.

have you got a golden ticket? call us today on 0114 270 0330 and see you we can turn your party into a WIlly wonka themed extravaganza.

What can you include on a Willy Wonka themed evening?

Every Willy Wonka theme night we run is different from the last one and the choice of props and theming is far too big to list all on this page but we have put together an example of what a Willy Wonka themed evening might include. We will of course tailor everything which is included to meet your requirements, your budget and the needs of the venue.  

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An example Willy Wonka event might include:

Of course all of our Themed evenings also include:

We can also offer a range of extras for any event and if there is something which is missing from this page please give us a call. We have a dedicated prop making department who can usually make any prop you require. Optional event might include:

As you can see Every willy wonka themed party can be completely different and the best thing to do is give us a call and discuss with us your requirements.

How can you book a willy wonka theme party?

If you would like to discuss a Willy wonka theme night or any of our themed evenings and parties please call 0114 270 0330 and speak to one of our staff members. Alternatively youc an fill in the contact us form in the footer of this page or click the live chat link on the left side of the page.


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