Logan Almond

Logan Almond

Event Manager

Logan Almond

Job Title: Event Manager

- When did you join Demon Wheelers?

Summer of 2017.

- How did you come to work at Demon Wheelers?

A few of the lads in the rugby team have worked for Demon Wheelers previously, and they mentioned the job to me. It is the ideal job, I love hands on work and working with people.

- What is your favourite event?

From the huge range of activities and events we provide, my favourite event has to be rage buggies. I'm all about getting muddy and also I love to see clients having a hands on experience behind the wheel.

- What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

In my spare time I train/play rugby for Sheffield Hallam. I enjoy anything active really..

- What is your favourite film?

Avatar has to be my favourite film - love the adventure.

- What is your favourite drink?

You can't beat a pint of Moretti or a lychee rubicon.

- What is your favourite food?

Burgers, the bigger the better.

- First album you ever bought?

Albums are before me, Spotify playlists do the job for me.

- If you could meet one famous person dead or alive, who would it be?

I'd love to meet Dan Blizerian, he's just a cool guy.

- Favourite place you have ever visited?

Niagra Falls in Canada, the size of the falls is surreal, I'd love to go back.

- What is your best memory of working for Demon Wheelers/Wildfire?

Every moment at Demon Wheelers is a good one, each day is different.

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