Covid-19 Update

With restrictions being lifted on 19th July, otherwise known as “Freedom Day” we want to reassure you that we will do what makes our clients feel most comfortable on events.

The majority of places now state that face coverings are optional and no longer mandatory, however, we want to ensure both our clients and staff are safe at all times.

Should you, when booking your event, wish for our staff to still wear face coverings – we of course, shall do so. Alternatively, should you not make it mandatory for our staff to wear face coverings, some staff may wish to for their own comfortability and safety.

Similarly, when going out on live events, all attending staff are obliged to complete a lateral flow test 24hrs before the event. This will continue to happen despite regardless of restrictions lifting.

When attending your event, we will provide a covid-19 safety box for your teams, each including face coverings, wipes and hand sanitiser.

We want you and your team to have as much fun whilst feeling as comfortable as possible, because that’s what Wildfire are all about! We make it fun, we do it better!

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