Collaboration team building

If your company relies on teams then collaboration between those teams is vitally important to the success of your business. We have created a range of team building events which focus on collaboration and cooperation between your teams. If your teams can’t work together as a partnership in an effective way then your company progress can stall and bottlenecks can form. Another problem when collaboration breaks down is divisions can be formed between teams which further reduce how well the teams or sub teams work together.

By undertaking a collaboration based team building activity you can train your employees to work closely with one another. A collaborative team building activity can help break down some of the barriers which can naturally form between teams and help all of your employees see the bigger picture and the importance of all teams working well together. increasing collaboration is a very important objective for team building.

One team, one shared goal

A collaborative team building event is as the title says an event which has one overall team with one main goal. Each group will be split in to smaller teams just as they would in a normal business environment and usually each sub-team will have their own tasks to complete but they must also work with the other teams to achieve an overall goal.

Popular Collaboration based team building activities

We offer a number of team building games and activities which are based around collaboration. The most popular ones are:

Chain reaction

On a Chain Reaction team building activity your group will have to build a contraption which tells a story which builds to a big finale. Each sub team will need to build their section of the story and pay close attention to making sure their part connects together with the other sub teams story elements. Read more about Chain Reaction.

Masterpiece Challenge

In the Masterpiece Challenge your team will have to paint a section of a much larger picture. In some cases your team will have to paint two sections which will be un-connected. This will require you working with the teams who have the connecting sections of the picture to make sure the larger picture looks as it should do. Find out more about Masterpiece Challenge.

Movie Madness

Movie Madness is your chance to be the next Johnny Depp, Keira Knightly or Steven Spielberg. Your group will be split into teams who will have to recreate a scene from a famous movie. Each team will have a different scene from the same movie and will have to work together to make sure there is continuity throughout the Hollywood blockbuster. Find out more about Movie Madness.

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