Communication is vital for your company. If your teams don’t communicate with each other your teams won’t reach their potential. Teams can communicate in different ways and each team requires slightly different skills which relate to its role within the larger organisation.

By improving your team’s communication skills you can improve the efficiency of your teams. By undertaking some communication based team building your teams will better understand how their colleagues think and operate. They will be able to communicate with a clearer purpose and should understand the value of clear communication.

A team that doesn’t communicate can’t really be called a team at all. They are more a group of individuals. This is why communication is such an essential element of any successful team who want to function efficiently and effectively. It’s also why developing your team’s communication skills through team building is important for all teams.

Popular Communication based team building events.

All of our Team building events involve communication there are five events which are the most popular for improving communication within your teams. These are:

Crystal Collection

The Crystal Collection is probably our most popular event. Not only does it cover a wide range of team building objectives such as Communication, it’s also great fun. It’s based of the popular 1990s TV game show and is hosted by our event manager, who will be dressed as Richard O’Brian. Your teams will be competing to see who can win the most Crystals and compete in the Crystal Dome. Find out more about the Crystal Collection.

Wacky Wheels

Wacky wheels is your teams chance to show their mettle and potential as a racing team. This fantastic fun event will have you building a team from designing the kart to taking part in, and hopefully, winning races. Communication is key and making the right decisions at the right time. Find out more about Wacky Wheels.

Commercial Teambreak

In Commercial Teambreak you and your team will have to create an advert for a product. Everyone must be involved. This is a test of not only communicating between your team but also communicating a message to everyone. Find out more about Commercial Teambreak.

Masterpiece Challenge

This event is impossible to complete successfully without communication. The group will be split into teams who will each be given two blank canvasses. They must then paint their part of the masterpiece but they must communicate with other teams to see which part of the picture they are. Teams must work together to try and recreate the chosen masterpiece with all the canvasses coming together to make one giant image. Inter team communication is a must on this event. Find out more about Masterpiece Challenge.

Chain Reaction

In this event although the group is split into teams everyone is working together towards one common goal making the event completely collaborative. All the teams are given different sections of the chain reaction that they must build, they must then work out how to make each section join together. There is no set right or wrong way to complete this task and teams have to use their initiative to ensure the chain reaction runs through all the sections successfully. The sections must go in a specific order and it is up to the teams to communicate with each other to bring the spectacular finale to life. Find out more about Chain Reaction team building.

How can we book a Communication based team building event?

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