Trust is one of the most important elements of any company or team and if you lose trust within your team or company it can be difficult to get it back.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines trust as:

A firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something

The first thing most people think about when someone mentions trust and team building together are Trust Falls. These are something we never use at Demon Wheelers. A trust fall is where a person falls backwards so that their colleague or partner will catch them to stop themselves landing on the floor.

Building trust between your teams is one of the most important things you can do to improve your companies efficiency and by improving the level of trust your colleagues will gain a feeling of security as they can have faith in the other tasks within their team will be completed as required. A team that doesn’t trust one another can often fall in to the trap of micromanaging their colleagues or constantly worrying that tasks will be completed. A sales team which doesn’t trust each other can lead to too much internal completion and a lack of openness and willingness to help their colleagues.

Trust based team building events

Here are our most popular three trust based team building activities:

Crystal Collection

Inspired by the popular TV show, our Crystal Collection team building event incorporates many important team building elements and we will tailor your Crystal Collection, as we always do with our team building events, to incorporate many Trust focused team building activities. Find out more about the Crystal Collection.

Mission Possible

Mission Possible is your mission should you choose to accept it. You will be tasked with completing a range of challenges from Blindfold Driving & Rage Buggies to making your way through the Spider’s Web. All this is in aid of obtaining the codes to defuse the bomb and save the world. We will tailor the choice of activities to fit your trust requirements. Find out more about Mission Possible.

Multi Activity days

Multi Activity days, much like Mission Possible and Crystal Collection can be tailored to use Trust themed activities. The benefit of a Multi Activity day is the whole day can be tailored to meet your requirements and budget and your choice of venue.

Trust also ties in really well with collaborative team building events as these collaboration activities require an amount of trust that other teams will complete their section to make the task a success.

How can we book a Trust based team building event?

If you would like to talk to us about these or any of our team building events please give us a call on 0114 270 0330 or fill in our contact us form and someone will get back to you.

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