Events in Bulgaria

Events in Bulgaria

The Balkan country of Bulgaria is rich in culture, with a lot of traditions still alive today, including dancing, music, costume and craft. It is a melting pot of cultures, with Persian, Slavic, Ottoman and Greek influences. Its capital city is Sofia and the country’s geography is varied, with a Black Sea coastline and many mountains and rivers.

Its exciting and varied culture makes events in Bulgaria interesting and enjoyable.

Corporate events in Bulgaria
With tourism being such an integral part of the its economy, holding corporate events in Bulgaria can be a great experience. Another draw of hosting a corporate event in Bulgaria is its value for money. Conferences, parties, launches and team building events are all welcomed to Bulgaria.

Team building event in Bulgaria
Enjoy team building in Bulgaria in one of its varied locations, from seaside resorts to winter locations. Whether you want to get a group together to bond, communicate or learn, Bulgaria is a great place to relocate to. There’s also lots of fun and sightseeing to include too.

Event venues in Bulgaria
People travel to the country to enjoy a different kind of event, be it a wedding, conference or business opportunity. There are halls and arenas, golf resorts, sports centres and hotels, and plenty of smaller event venues in Bulgaria. The largest venue is found in Sofia, at the Arena Armeec, which is one of the 15 largest capacity tennis stadiums.

Where is Bulgaria and how do we get there?
It is possible to travel to Bulgaria by train, which would be an adventure in itself. There are many different ways in which to reach Bulgaria by rail, and it could take as little as two nights to get there.

Flying is the quickest option from the UK, however. Flights from UK airports are about 3 hours 30 mins and there are many flight options from UK cities to Bulgarian airports.

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