Events in Denmark

Events in Denmark

The Scandinavian country of Denmark is known for being the happiest in the world, where its people embrace the seasons and have the balance of life figured out. Holding events in Denmark is a popular choice because of its impressive reputation for business. With a good infrastructure, Denmark is a great place to visit for pleasure and for work.

Corporate events in Denmark
Corporate events in Denmark are in high demand. Meetings, conferences and all manner of corporate events take place in the country, and in capital Copenhagen, with its rich culture, in particular.

Team building event in Denmark
Strengthening the workplace and your staff is always a good idea, and team building in Denmark in particular is an effective decision. Break the ice between European colleagues or take your staff away for a break together. We can make sure it hits the right note in Denmark.

Event venues in Denmark
Choosing an event venue in Denmark first needs to be narrowed down. Will you be in the city or somewhere more remote? Will your capacity be large or a more intimate setting? Once you’ve made your choices, you will find plenty of options. There’s the usual conference centres and arenas, as well as untraditional venues, such as Kronborg Castle, the National Aquarium and The National Theatre.

Where is Denmark and how do I get there?
Travelling to Denmark from the UK is always going to be quickest by air, however you can get there by rail or sea too. The ferry will take you about 18 hours and flights will take about two hours.

The Eurostar will take you to Brussels, Cologne or Hamburg, and then you can travel on from there. The Hamburg to Copenhagen train goes onto a train ferry - one of the few places in the world where this happens.

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