Events in Greece

Events in Greece

Greece is in the south east of Europe and is home to thousands of islands in the Aegean and Ionian seas.

Known for its ancient past, which is still visible today, Greece is a tourist hotspot thanks to its warm climate and coastlines.

Corporate events in Greece
Hosting corporate events in Greece can be varied and different. From team building actives to conferences, restaurant or hotel trips to excursions, Greece will give you a whole new perspective in a beautiful location.

Team building events in Greece
Are you looking to provide a retreat for your team building event in Greece? Are you looking for a fresh perspective and a thrilling adventure to really make the difference? Look no further than this wondrous and ancient country, where the sun shines, the food is wonderful and the culture is rich.

Event venues in Greece
Capital city Athens is home to many event venues, from meeting rooms to exhibition spaces, convention centres and hotels. Waterfront venues are an option, allowing you to see the sparkling sea throughout your function, and countryside villas and castles in a more rural settings are an option too.

Where is Greece and how do I get there?
The distance to Greece from the UK means flying makes the most sense. There are four international airports in Greece, in Athens, Crete, Rhodes and Thessaloniki, as well as many other smaller airports. There are plenty of cheap flights to Greece and flights usually take between 3 hours 30 minutes and 4 hours.

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