Events in Ireland

Events in the Ireland

Ireland, an island which lies west of Great Britain, is a European country and shares a border with Northern Ireland. Known for its beauty, friendliness and distinctive culture, events it Ireland are attractive because of its traditional vibe and many things to do.

With Dublin as its capital city, Ireland is also home to the cities of Cork, Galway, Killarney and Limerick. Plenty of the country is rural and it is easily travelled to by various locations.

Corporate events in Ireland
Small or large corporate events in Ireland are easy to arrange, whether it’s a tranquil and secluded setting you’re after or a more urban spot in the thick-of-it. The great outdoors and sport are big in Ireland, but there are plenty of wet weather options in castles, conference centres, hotel and meeting rooms too.

Team building events in Ireland
Team building and bonding is an ideal thing to do in this fun-loving country. With a strong culture of music and cuisine, team building events in Ireland are always going to be winner with your team. Take part in unforgettable experiences that will motivate, refresh and enthuse.

Event venues in Ireland
The largest event venues in Ireland are in Dublin, where you will find the Dublin Castle Conference Centre and the Irish International Convention and Exhibition Centre. There are, however, plenty of other smaller and not-so-obvious locations. Such as distilleries, castles, small hotels or even a luxury touring train!

Where is the Ireland and how do I get there?
Flying to Ireland is cheap and quick from the UK. There are four international airports - Dublin, Shannon, Cork and Ireland West. Smaller regional airports include Donegal, Galway, Kerry and Sligo. Two Belfast airports and the City of Derry Airport are also close to the north of the country.

There are options to travel by sea too, with ferry services travelling from Great Britain, France and Spain.

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