Red Bull

The Brief:

Offer a bespoke event for Red Bull at an exclusive Glamping location. The event must be very visual, incorporate a range of team building challenges, be competitive and achieve their objectives. They wanted to ensure teams were communicating with each other, being out of their comfort zone and having fun.

Wildfire Solution:

Our Crystal Collection event ticks all of the boxes. It is a fully integrated team building event that features a range of physical, skill and mental challenges which appeals to all different types of people in the group. With one of the largest inflatable domes in the country, as well as including our inflatable Castle Wall, the event was instantly visual and got the teams fired up. The aim of the event is to win as many crystals as possible, as the more crystals means the more time in the dome!

When the teams arrived, they were greeted by our costumed host who took them around the challenges, winding in and out of the woodland areas. The teams competed on a selection of our challenges, such as the Can You Unlock It?, Create a Crystal, Laser Tag, Catapult Targets etc. As a team, they have to work together to complete the challenges in order to win the crystal. As well as the zone challenges, the groups also have to complete riddles and bonus challenges to earn more crystals.

At the end of the zone challenges, the teams must count out their crystals to the host. The top two teams with the highest number of crystals then take part in the Dome finale. Each team enters the dome, one team at a time, and depending on the number of crystals they collected, determines the amount of time in the dome. Once the fans have started, the teams must collect as many gold and silver tickets as possible. Each team’s tickets are then counted to determine the overall winners who receive a Crystal Trophy along with engraved medals. But don’t worry; the runners up still received the silver medals!

The Result:

Take a look at how the Wildfire Team delivered the event and got the Red Bull groups fired up on the different challenges.

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