Cheese & Wine Pairing

Invite your clients to join you and be entertained with a Michelin Star Chef and Wine Expert on a bespoke Cheese and Wine virtual tasting event. A unique platform to engage, build relationships and network with your clients in a memorable high calibre hybrid event. Join us for an evening of tasting wines from award winning vineyards and sampling the finest British cheeses our country has to offer.

How ‘Cheese & Wine Pairing’ works

Our event host will warmly welcome the guests and give them an outline of what to expect and ensure everyone is ready. We will send a photo in the event box so guests know how to present the items we have sent them. The host will introduce the guests to our experts, and will send the guests to different chat rooms so they can network in between tastings.

On our tastings we usually open with the food first. The Chef will give a short introduction about the rich history of Cheese before talking about British Cheese as a whole with some interesting facts. In this fascinating cheese tasting session our Chef will teach guests about sourcing the best UK cheeses and how to correctly taste them. He will talk about the tasting map on your tongue and a little bit of science including the olfactory nerve which links memory to smell.

Key to tasting wine and cheese. We will include a blue cheese, a cheddar, a soft cheese and goats cheese. These will be accompanied by chutneys, died fruits, dates, apricots, olives and sourdough crackers. After each cheese tasting our wine expert also known as the UKs award winning wine hero will marry up the wines with the cheeses. He will include wines with numerous international accolades which will challenge even the most discerning palettes. He will touch on regions, old and new world wines, grapes and varieties.

Our wine expert will discuss each wine with the guests with some information on the vineyard and wine producers of the wine 4 showcased.

After the tastings have concluded the event host will say thank you’s and goodbyes, and we will leave the guests to continue to mingle.

Why ‘Cheese & Wine Pairing’?

Have and share an enjoyable evening with our Chef and Wine Expert.

Who is ‘Cheese & Wine Pairing’ for?

  • Everyone!!!


  • Delicious wine and Cheese
  • Michelin Star Chef and Wine Expert

Group Size

5 - 200+





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