Climb the Ladder

Welcome to your new job. You and your team have begun work at our new global business - congratulations!

How ‘Climb The Ladder’ works

Starting as an intern, together in your teams, you must work your way through challenges, questions and tasks in a race against time.

Once you’ve completed a level, you will be promoted into your next job role in another office around the globe.

The aim of the game is to climb the ladder through multiple job roles and international offices within the company and become the Chief Executive Officer ! Who will end up becoming the big boss?

All teams start off in the job role of an intern and to progress into their job role, teams must complete questions and a set team challenge.

As roles in the company increase in seniority and responsibility, the levels of difficulty will increase. The group will be able to see an interactive map that will show which role all the teams are in and where on the ladder of success they are.

It is a race against the other teams! The first team to work through all the roles of the company and become Chief Executive Officer first will receive extra points. All the scores will be totalled up and the winning will be announced.

Why ‘Climb The Ladder’?

A fun event to get your team Fired Up!

Who is ‘Climb The Ladder’ for?

  • Everyone


  • Get Together online
  • Pull your team together

Group Size

5 - 200+





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