From Pole to Pole

Your presence is requested. With so many presents to deliver in one night, and his elves busy at the workshop, Santa needs some additional helpers to assist him on his journey around the world. In this festive, virtual event, teams will be quizzed and must work together understand the traditions of Christmas in each location whilst completing challenges along the way. All Christmas themed, the elves have set a number of challenges which will vary from performing the very best rendition of a Christmas hit to dressing up in the most festive attire you have – after all, the elves need to ensure that Santa has the very best recruits. Efficient and particular, the elves aren’t easy to please; back at the North Pole they will be keeping a close eye on your answers and scoring teams points for their answers and challenges. The race is on as the first team to make it back to the North Pole with the best challenges will be enlisted to help Santa on the big day. With only 80 minutes to get around the world, will your team be the best in snow and be crowned official Christmas elves?!

How ‘From Pole to Pole’ works

You will log onto a virtual meeting where the group will be split into teams. They will then have to complete a number of challenges to be able to move from location to location.

Challenges will vary from finding items in your teams houses to performing tasks.

Teams will receive points for the questions they answer as well as the tasks they complete.

The whole event is run by a friendly host who will be on hand to help with any problems you may have throughout the event.

For every challenge that must be completed you will have to send evidence of this.

Teams will assign a lead communicator from their team who would be responsible for sending their challenges back to our team who would then allocate points.

It is a race against the other teams and the first team to make it across the world to the North Pole will be crowned the winners.

Why ‘From Pole to Pole’?

Bring your team together with some festive fun and interactive challenges.

Who is ‘From Pole to Pole’ for?

  • Everyone!


  • Festive Fun
  • Get Together online
  • Team building
  • Working together to win points
  • Competitive

Group Size

5 - 200+





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