Let’s Get Festive Music Bingo

Listening to all the greatest Christmas hits, our Musical Bingo is the perfect festive activity to get the team together and feeling in the festive spirit. There is the option to have other challenges to break the ice such as the below Eurovision Dress Up Round Musical Shopping Fastest Image

How ‘Let’s Get Festive Music Bingo’ works

Hosted on everyone’s favourite platform, Zoom, your group will be split into teams where they will work together to be the first to call out BINGO.

In the 1st round, teams will each be given bingo sheet with song titles and artists names on.

Listed cryptically, teams must decipher the song titles and artists which will be displayed in a range of anagrams, to emojis, even riddles for each song.

Onto the main event now, teams will be invited back into the ‘main room’ where your event host will play the songs for each round in a random order.

The team that gets bingo first must send a direct message to the host so we have it to the second.

Points are awarded throughout the event for who gets Bingo first.

Why ‘Let’s Get Festive Music Bingo’?

An exciting event to get together and have some fun.

Who is ‘Let’s Get Festive Music Bingo’ for?

  • Everyone!


  • Fun
  • Challenging
  • suitable for all

Group Size

5 - 200+





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