Online Fitness Program

How can you ensure that your staff are staying engaged, healthy, motivated and productive through self-isolation?

How ‘Online Fitness Program’ works

The Colleague well-being and productivity package includes:

  • A private company Facebook group with employees only.
  • 3x 30 minute live streamed classes a week.

They can follow these in the comfort of their own home and participate as much or as little as they like. This would be completely private with the staff only seeing footage of the instructor and not each other.

  • Regular daily content posted. This includes recipes, motivational posts, immune boosting tips etc.
  • A timetable for the classes so people have routine and structure. (our recommendation is lunchtime as evenings people will be less motivated.)
  • Ability to access the previous classes if they would like to work out more or if they missed it.
  • A sense of community and a place for people to share positivity and their own advice etc.

Why ‘Online Fitness Program’?

It could be a while that we are unable leave the house and everyone could go a little stir crazy. It’s dreadful to think about how peoples physical and mental health are going to be affected if companies don’t get some sort of plan in place to look after the staff.

Obviously regular exercise is so beneficial for feelings of wellbeing but keeping active is important for productivity levels too. This affects the running and success of the business. There are so many exercises we can do from home but without the know how or motivation, it’s unlikely people will choose to do it themselves.

Regular exercise also goes hand in hand with better eating habits. This is so important for productivity because if we’re riding the sugar wave constantly through boredom eating, the crash will get people napping on the couch and productivity will go down again.

Who is ‘Online Fitness Program’ for?

  • This is perfect for companies who wish to improve the overall health and wellbeing


  • Healthy Body, Healthy Mind.

Group Size

5 - 200+





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