Online Musical Bingo

Musical Bingo is a great way to get the team together to compete in a fun fast paced game.

How ‘Online Musical Bingo’ works

Your group will be split into teams who will then go into individual break out rooms on their Zoom call.

The teams will then each be given a bingo sheet that will have song titles or artists names on them. The only problem is that the song titles and artists will be listed cryptically. So the team will have to work together to try and find the answer for each one. These will range from anagrams, to emojis to riddles for each song.

The teams will then come back into the main meeting room and the host will play the songs for each round in a random order.The team that gets bingo first must send a direct message to the host so we have it to the second.

Points are awarded throughout the event for who gets Bingo first.

There is also the option to have other challenges to break the ice such as the below:-

  • Eurovision Dress Up Round
  • Musical Shopping
  • Fastest Image

With the points from these challenges being added to the teams scores.

At the end of the event all the scores are totaled up with the winning team receiving a prize.

* If you want to run musical bingo as an individual option then this is also an option and can be organized as traditional musical bingo or with challenges.

Why ‘Online Musical Bingo’?

A fun and exciting challenge.

Who is ‘Online Musical Bingo’ for?

  • Everyone!!


  • Fun
  • Challenging
  • suitable for all

Group Size

2 - 200+


40 mins - 1hr



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