Online Quiz

We know that the next few months are going to be hard for people. A lot of companies will have to bring in remote working and some people may feel isolated.

How ‘Online Quiz’ works

Welcome to the future of quizzing. Here at Wildfire we have devised a remote based quiz designed to engage participants, test their knowledge and leave everyone with a smile on their face.

The whole event will be hosted by our very own Quizmaster, who will be streamed through a live video link; here participants can view the questions and join in on the interactive elements. The live host will explain how the quiz will work, host each of the rounds and keep everyone updated on the scores. The questions will also be shown on a large screen behind the host.

Each participant will be able to play interactively through their phone or tablet where they will be able to select their answers to the questions being read out by the Quizmaster. Participants must get their answers in as quick as they can, as the quicker they answer, the more points they will receive.
At the end of all the rounds the scores will be totalled up and the winning players will be announced.

Why ‘Online Quiz’?

This is a great way to keep people communicating, make sure people are engaged and give back to your team.

Who is ‘Online Quiz’ for?

  • Everyone!
  • Benefits Everyone Involved
  • Fun & Entertaining
  • Can be done when working from home.

Group Size

5 - 200+


40 Mins - 1hr+



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