Remote Escape Room – Escape the Grotto

The Grinch strikes again! Kidnapped and locked away at the top of Mount Crumpet, the race is onto release Santa in time for Christmas Eve and stop the Grinch from stealing Christmas! Hidden around the grotto will be a number of items containing clues, riddles and tasks to complete. These will guide you to opening the locks. Putting all his faith in you, Santa will only take the directions that you give him so clear communication is key. Can your team work together to release Santa, stop the Grinch, restore the Christmas cheer and save Christmas!

How ‘Remote Escape Room – Escape The Grotto’ works

Viewed via live video feed, teams must direct Santa around the room to crack the clues containing the escape codes

Why ‘Remote Escape Room – Escape The Grotto’?

Ge everyone together online with some fun and interactive challenges to help escape the room.

Who is ‘Remote Escape Room – Escape The Grotto’ for?

  • Everyone!


  • Fun
  • Bring your friends, team or family together online
  • Challenging

Group Size

5 - 200+





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