Remote Escape Room – The Kidnap

We know that the next few months are going to be hard for people. A lot of companies will have to bring in remote working and some people may feel isolated. So we have created a unique take on the popular escape rooms

How ‘Remote Escape Room – The Kidnap’ works

We have a number of different rooms available that groups can view through a live video feed, you will then have to inform their own individual escaper what to do.

Our member of staff will be in the room with a camera watching what they do. Your team will then tell our member of staff what to do and will have to get them out of the room in a set amount of time.

Your team will be able to interact with our member of staff and will have to ask them to do everything required. They will not act of their own accord. On top of guiding the escapee around the room, the participants will also be given tasks they must complete which would then give them extra information in order to work their way out of the room.

The Kidnap

You and your team have to fight against the clock to help get your team mate out of the kidnap scenario.

Using Zoom your team will log in and be able to see through a camera attached to your team mates chest. You will also be able to talk to your colleagues so you can collaborate on the tasks.

Your teams job is to communicate with your team member who is chained to the desk. You will have to figure out how to unlock the chains before you then move round the room. There will be a number of clues, riddles and tasks to complete that guide you to opening safes, briefcases and locks.

If this is not completed in the set amount of time then your team mate will be left to face the consequences of their planned escape by the kidnappers.

Why ‘Remote Escape Room – The Kidnap’?

Bring your team together with some fun and interactive challenges to help escape the room.

Who is ‘Remote Escape Room – The Kidnap’ for?

  • Everyone!


  • Fun
  • Bring your team Together
  • Challenging

Group Size

2 - 200+


40 mins - 1hr



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