Remote Team Building – The Gold Rush

The year is 1848 and Gold has been discovered in California by James W. Marshall. So you and your team have decided to make the move cross country to get your hands on the gold. The only problem is you are up against other teams who want to get their hands on the gold as well.

All teams are setting off from New York and to move on from each state you must complete a set challenge.
You and your team will be assigned a separate break out room where you will be able to talk to each other about the challenges and confer on their answers. Before they send them across to their own specific State master back in the main meeting room.
Different States will have different levels of difficulty and teams will have to plot their route very carefully.
They will be able to see an interactive map that will show which state all the teams are in.
Participants can either log on through their phone, tablet or laptop.
For every three teams there would be an assigned State Question Master who they would have to send their answers to, who would then send them their next task for their next chosen State.
Teams will assign a lead communicator from their team who would be responsible for sending the answers back to their State Master.
It is a race against the other teams and the first team to make it across America and arrive in California first would get the gold and be crowned the winners.

How ‘Remote Team Building – The Gold Rush’ works

Each person taking part in this event will receive a link via email to a meeting on Zoom. Our team would need to be told what the teams would be before the event date. In the meeting there would be a host who would then explain how the event would work.
Team Competition
The group will be split into teams prior to the event date. They will be emailed beforehand and asked if someone wants to be the team captain, if no one volunteers then one will be allocated by our team. Once the host has finished the explanation of the event and assigned the first challenge which would be based in New York. Then all the teams would be put into their own break out rooms.
Once they are in the breakout rooms the teams have to plan their trip and then work together to answer the challenges, questions and conundrums that each state gives them.
The team captain would be the person who would have to log back into the main meeting room to give their teams answers to their State Master before receiving their next challenge for their next state.
The Winners
The first team to make it to California and complete the challenge in California would be crowned the champions and receive a prize.

Why ‘Remote Team Building – The Gold Rush’?

A fun online event to bring your team together. Whether it is team building training or just a bit of fun, this is the perfect event for your team.

Who is ‘Remote Team Building – The Gold Rush’ for?



  • Fun
  • Bring your team Together
  • Challenging

Group Size

3 - 200+


40mins - 3hr



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