Sleep Workshop

Why is sleep important? 79% of employees have some sort of sleep issue, 53% feel tired most of the time, 38% have trouble concentrating. But only 13% have sought help from sleep professionals.

How ‘Sleep Workshop’ works

Our approach is based on helping people understanding who they are as a sleeper and then helping them make the right changes to their behaviours and environment to get better sleep. We do this through seminars and small focus group work.

Why ‘Sleep Workshop’?

The seminars can be targeted at different issues, such as general sleep, kids sleep, shift workers or particular conditions such as Sleep Apnoea. The seminars can either last and hour or two hours including questions at the end of both seminars.

We send pre and post visit questionnaires which allows us to get an idea of the sleep issues your colleagues are facing and for us to ascertain what kind of impact the sleep seminars and clinic appointments have had.

Who is ‘Sleep Workshop’ for?

  • This is aimed at anyone who has any sleep issues and would like some help.


  • This course is ran by Sleep Professionals
  • Help and Advice anyone with any sleep issues

Group Size

5 - 200+





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