Virtual Race Night

Is the ground too soft? Hard in places? How was their last run out? All these questions about the racetrack and the horse don’t matter as its all fun money!

How ‘Virtual Race Night’ works

We can either run a race night on an individual basis where individuals have a set amount of fun money and have to bet on races that will be shown through the night. Or alternatively people can be split into teams and have to place team bets. The odds are the same for every race so its always fair.

We provide a link for you to log in and all bets are placed through the chat link or by email . There would be a costumed compeer who would run the event and give out the form of the horses who would be assisted by tote people who would take the bets and pay out to the winners. The amount of tote people required would depend upon the amount of people coming but we normally recommend 1 tote person per 30 people.

Why ‘Virtual Race Night’?

We normally run 5/6 Races throughout the event and if they are run 1 after another then this can last up to 60 minutes , however we can run more races and can spread them out throughout the night if you would prefer. At the end of the races each team’s fun money is totalled up with the biggest winner on the night receiving a voucher

Who is ‘Virtual Race Night’ for?

  • Everyone!


  • Fun
  • Exciting
  • Thrill seeking
  • Get Together Online

Group Size

5 - 200+





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